2D visualization

Hi team,
what is the best way to visualize a point or a line or a polyline in a view?
I am creating a line or a point but I have this problem.

    @GeometryView("LineView", duration_guess=1, view_mode='2D')
    def line_vis(self, params, **kwargs):
        pt1 = vg.Point(0, 0, 0)
        pt2 = vg.Point(10, 10, 10)
        line = vg.Line(pt1, pt2)
        return GeometryResult(line)

Don’t tell me I have to use Plotly or create an SVG file :slight_smile:

Hi, the GeometryView currently only supports TransformableObjects or a GLTF file. I would advice to use the latter, which you can easily create in trimesh (see Results & visualizations - 3D model | VIKTOR Documentation). A line can then be visualized using a Path3D.

Thanks, @khameeteman
could please show me an example?
And what about points using trimesh?
I am asking for an example because I never used trimesh and they have a different why of building elements, I have to provide entities…
So an example could help

An example is provided in this section: Results & visualizations - 3D model | VIKTOR Documentation.

Points can be created using a PointCloud

Yeah, I saw that example and it is clear.
I’m trying to understand the requirements for a Path2d and Path3d trimesh.path — trimesh 3.12.6 documentation
what are entities and how I should pass the vertices?
This is what I asked for an example.

I understand, it is not as straightforward and I noticed that you will also need shapely and scipy as separate requirements while they are not actually necessary for this part of the trimesh code. So I can imagine that simply passing a viktor line should be much easier. I will bump our internal issue.

Anyway, this should work:

def geometry_view(self, **kwargs):
    import trimesh

    p1 = [0, 0, 0]
    p2 = [1, 1, 0]

    line = trimesh.path.entities.Line(points=[0, 1])
    path = trimesh.path.Path3D(entities=[line], vertices=[p1, p2])
    scene = trimesh.Scene(geometry=path)
    geometry = File()
    with geometry.open_binary() as w:

    return GeometryResult(geometry)
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