Upload files from specific path from local drive

Hi All,

I would like to upload xml files from drive. But the structure of my data is that in main folder are sub-folders and in each sub-folder the file which I want to upload. I am looking for solution to not have to open every sub-folder. The best option is iterate by each sub-folders from main folder.
The files are saved under the same path on user drive (windows system).
Is it possible to connect with the specific path on local (user) drive to upload the file when the app is published on served, not using the MultiFileField?

Thanks in advance for help!


Hi Michal,

Welcome to the forum, thanks for posting!

If I understand you correctly, what you’d like to be able to do, is upload files recusively in a FileField right? (a very clear explanation of what recursion is can be found here).

That sounds like a very interesting idea, I will change this post to the Feature Requests category so that it’s treated in the right manner. But let’s expand on this a little:

Is there a reason all those files are in different directories? Are they different types of files? and if so, would they maybe be better suited to be uploaded in separate fields as to provide clarity in your parametrization for both the code and the user?
Moreover, could you elaborate on the exact design you would like to see? Which buttons should be pressed and in what order?

Thanks again!