Switch accounts in Viktor


I have two accounts for my company. One is the developer account, the other one isn’t. However if I am logged in into one account and want to switch to the other, it is impossible. The SSO remembers my previous login and automatically signs in into the wrong account. How can I fix this?

A weak work around is opening a different browser, edge instead of chrome, as the history is different. However it would be nice to be able to switch accounts

Hi Johan,
Super interesting question, I’ve asked around internally and will keep you posted.

In the meantime I’m super interested in why you would want/need these two different accounts in the first place and what you use both for?

Hi Daniel,

Well I have the admin account for Azure, Server and certain other tasks within the company.
But I used it for Viktor to check workers and also take screenshots for the view that users see (without all the staging working spaces etc.) for PR and testing purposes.

I also have multiple accounts on an internal environment for exactly the same reason (checking out what another roles sees), however this is not on SSO.

For my usecase i can switch to private mode in the browser. Did you try that?

Hi Mathijs,

Opening an incognito window enforces me to login in manually indeed. So this works, however if I return to the regular window of chrome, it remains the same (automatically logs into the wrong account)

I forgot to mention, I just went to hotmail.com where you can easily sign out any account saved by Microsoft. Due to the SSO it also signs you out at bam.viktor.ai

Maybe their UI could give some inspiration