Starting the app doesn't work

Since upgrading the app (viktor-cli upgrade), it is not possible to start the app anymore. When typing viktor-cli start it says: App installation was not found. The app should be installed with 'viktor-cli install' before starting the app. No old app installation directory found. Exiting because of an error: app is not (properly) installed

When running the viktor-cli install, it gives me: Creating app specific install dir pip-cache Creating app specific install dir signals Exiting because of an error: read /root/potentiescan/viktor.config.toml: is a directory

How can I fix this?

Hi Marlies,

Please remove the viktor.config.toml directory and try restarting again.

We had a bug where the viktor.config.toml was created by Docker as a directory if the configuration file had not been created yet. This is fixed, but probably the directory was still present.

It works again now! Thanks Raoul!