Show/hide apps to (external) users

I’m looking for a way to show or hide apps to users. It seems like I need to make my colleagues ‘External users’, but I can’t find a way to add ‘External users’ to a user group afterwards. Maybe I’m missing something?

Hi Rob,

Currently, the visibility of a workspace can either be ‘internal’ or ‘private’. A workspace with visibility ‘internal’ is accessible by all users in the environment. A workspace with visibility ‘private’ is only accessible for users that have been invited to the workspace.

It is possible that you have some users from outside your organization needing to access apps. To prevent these external users being able to access the ‘internal’ workspaces we have added the ‘external user’ access level. External users can only access ‘private’ workspaces they have been invited to.

I think that at the moment all the workspaces in your organization might be set to ‘internal’ and, therefore, are accessible by all users. You can check the visibility on the workspaces overview page, it is present on the card of each workspace.

Currently, it is not possible to update the workspace properties from the user interface, so if you want to change this visibility you can contact me or your usual contact at VIKTOR through an email or direct message so we can do this for you. We are working on the ability to update the workspace properties from the user interface at the moment, so it will probably be available at the end of the month.

With visibility set to private you will see an invite button on the workspace card that you can use to invite new users.

Ok that’s clear! I’ll send you a pm.