Question with regards to app time

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I want to save results to a file with date and time. Time in my local developer environment is in UTC - When an app is live, what timezone is the current time in?

Cheers, Fokke

Hi Fokke,

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Isn’t it better to do all time stamping in, for example, UTC time, so that there is no dependency on the server local time configuration? I can find out what the time zone on the server is, but I’m not sure if we can guarantee anything about it in the future.

Hi Bas,

It has to do with showing when the last calculation was performed. Hence, it is to avoid confusion for colleagues. It is easily fixable when the app is live, but I was curious :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer!

Hi Fokke,

If you use the datetime module of python to generate the timestamp, you can also supply the tz yourself. This way you are independent of the servers timezone and the timestamp is always in NL time.

from datetime import datetime
import pytz

nl_tz = pytz.timezone('Europe/Amsterdam')
timestamp_nl =

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