Options for Large Tables

I have a large table with many columns. The columns are dependent on an option that is selected within a row, i.e. pick Option A, fill in columns 1-6. Option B: columns 1-3, 7-9 etc
Thus not all columns need filling in in each row.
I would like to make it visibly clear for the user which columns they need to fill in.
Ideally this would be with colour, or an extra header.
I’ve tried a fake header, i.e. the first row but i cant put text into a NumberField.
Tooltips/Descriptions aren’t ideal as you need to hover over them to see what they say, and i am not sure they work for tables.
I would prefer something visible over a link to another page.
Any ideas / workarounds?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Natalie,

If I understand correctly you have different cells that need to be filled in each row based on the selection of an option in that row. We do not have have the possibility to apply conditional formatting to certain cells based on the value of another cell.

We are currently in the process of switching to a different table library that also supports newline characters in the table column names. I think you might use that to show the option in the columns that are required when the option is selected. Would that solve the problem or are you looking for something else?

yes a new line in the header was one of the things i tried and would be an acceptable solution