New project skeleton via cli

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

It would be nice to add a ‘new’ or ‘startapp’ function to the cli to generate a directory with a very basic app (kind of hello world). This would make it easier to start new projects and having the right directory structure.

I think this is relevant for the VIKTOR platform because it will help developers in their app development. It might be a nice step towards a VSCode plugin for Viktor

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Hi Rob,

Thanks for posting a Feature Request!

I have already been working on a first draft for this. I am still looking into what would exactly encompass the ‘skeleton’. In the docs we provide a Recommended File Structure, and in this example we have defined 2 entity types and one is selected as a root entity.

However, VIKTOR allows much more complex hierarchies. What would you consider to be the ‘minimum skeleton’ that the viktor-cli should produce?

Are other (common) software development related files desired? (e.g. a CHANGELOG, .gitignore, a tests folder, etc.)

The newest version of the CLI lets you generate an empty and demo app with the CLI:

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