Multilingual support


If you’re asking about the desirability of this, make sure to also provide some context on the effort it takes. Because if it takes zero effort, saying yes to this is very easy.

In order to make it truly multi-lingual, you probably also have to provide multiple texts for every ui_name on a field you have defined. This is not a singular effort, since every change you make on the textual elements caries the increased effort of translation. In short i think the stakeholders need to weigh the value of multi-lingual application support against an increased development load and thus decreased development speed.

I’m not saying that this is not worth it. It could very well be that this is very much worth it, but it is good to think critically about it. I’m very much interested to hear from you how that balance lies :slight_smile:

PS: a colleague of mine proposed recently that for multi-lingual support you simply let your browser do the translation. maybe that could be good enough?