Multiline strings in descriptions not working

Which SDK and Platform version are you using?

SDK: v13.2.1
Platform: v22.06.4

Current Behavior

Linebreaks in description strings are not working:

    soil_layout.spring_stiffnes_model = OptionField(
        "Spring stiffness FE-model",
        options=["upper bound", "mean", "lower bound"],
        default="lower bound",
        description="You can choose what spring model is used for the calculation \n e.g. the upper bound calculation will result in stiffer springs",


Expected Behavior

new line when using \n

Hi Wichard,

I think a second space is missing in front of \n: Layout & styling - Style text using Markdown | VIKTOR Documentation. Alternatively, you could use \\\n.

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Oh boy, I overlooked that, stupid me.

Moved to Support section for better findalbility.