Manifest error


I’m having a problem publishing my app locally. The current error I’m getting is;

I saw in another post another user was having this issue and the solution was to run viktor-cli clear but that hasn’t resolved the issue. In your documentation it’s stated this was removed because of complexity? SDK - Upgrades | VIKTOR Documentation

Is it possible to clean the database or create and remove another workspace?


Hi Charlie,

The manifest is indeed removed, it used to define what types of entities you have in your app. I have noted that we need to update the text! Thank you.

The error states that there is en entity of type Report in your database but not in your app code (manifest). For your development environment the solution would indeed to be to use viktor-cli clear to clear your database fully.

However, based on your screenshot, it seems that you are publishing to a production workspace. You can probably understand that a simple terminal command to (accidently) clear the entire production database is not desirable :wink: We call this an incompatible publish, to fix this, you can follow these steps described in the caution box here

  1. Use the publish command with the new app code
  2. Wait for it to fail due to the incompatible change
  3. Notify your contact person at VIKTOR and mention the incompatible change(s)
  4. Await VIKTOR to republish with necessary adjustments in the database

You are at step 3, we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible!

Thank you,