Failing pipeline in Azure

Upon pusing code to our Azure repository the pipeline checking the incoming push fails since a week or 2/3. This happens across all our repos, even the ones that have no checks whatsoever.
The code it is running is the following:

Starter pipeline


  • group: VIKTOR # variable group within DevOps geometry containing the variables VIKTOR_DEV and VIKTOR_TOKEN.
  • job: test
    container: python:3.7-buster

The given error:
##[warning]An image label with the label Ubuntu16 does not exist.
,##[error]The remote provider was unable to process the request.
Pool: Azure Pipelines
Image: Ubuntu16
Started: Today at 14:26
Duration: 1h 23m 32s

In the end, also this error occured when (as far as we are aware) no changes were made leads us to think that the cause might be somewhere in Viktor. or we hope you understand where this problem could be coming from.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Johan, I am not very familiar with Azure piplines but I think this issue is caused by removal of Ubuntu 16 support by Microsoft: Support for wild cards and conditional expressions in YAML pipeline files | Microsoft Docs

A couple of solutions are shared here: Visual Studio Feedback. It seems that explicitly specifying an image should do the trick:

  vmImage: ubuntu-latest

It has been a while, where in the mean time we found a workaround. But this indeed solved the problem, thanks!