Entity type "greyed out" and can't be created

In a recent publication, we added a new entity type called “polylineupload” to the application. The entity type was supposed to be created with a file upload, but somehow the app did not ask for it. As this did not occur in our development environment, we figured something was out of sync or went wrong during a merge, and tried to publish again.

After the 2nd publish, we can no longer create an object of this type. It does somehow recognise the entity type but it is greyed out. We double checked that it worked on both my development environment as well as my co-developers.

No objects of this type existed in the production database. Has anyone seen this before?

I simply forgot that when you add a new entity type, you also have to give users rights to this new type. My co-developer did not yet have rights to create a polylineupload enitity, therefore it was greyed out on the production version.


Great that you are taking the time to answer your own question here Paulien! I think threads like this really help people who might encounter the same problem.

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