Description of a field

Hi support,

I have a question about the new description of SDK v12.5.0.
Is it possible to use a newline in the description?
And, if so, it would be nice that more characters (then 200) are possible.
And, a description on a button would be nice.

Best regards,
Rino van Dam

Hi Rino,

We support Markdown in the description, which can be used for newlines: Layout & styling - Style text using Markdown | VIKTOR Documentation

Furthermore, we are currently working on the following, which will be added in the upcoming weeks.

  • Descriptions on buttons
  • Text element, which can be used to provide additional information to the user

How many characters do you require for the description? We have initially set a limit of 200 to avoid very large and unfriendly tooltips. Perhaps the upcoming Text element could be a possible solution for your case, which supports more characters.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the tip how to format the text.
With text elements and descriptions on buttons added, 200 characters is ok.

It’s a nice and usefull feature.

Hi Kevin,

This (\n) does not work:
description=“Onderkant: Heiterp op maaiveld**\n**Bovenkant: Heiterp ingraven”

This (\n\n) does work, but there is an unwanted blank line:
description=“Onderkant: Heiterp op maaiveld**\n\n**Bovenkant: Heiterp ingraven”

Hi Rino,

This is indeed is a bit unexpected. We will look into it, thanks for reporting!

Hi Rino,

Single newlines can be created, however you have to make sure that there are 2 spaces in front of the \n (we will update the docs). In your case:

description=“Onderkant: Heiterp op maaiveld  \n Bovenkant: Heiterp ingraven”

Could you try this out?

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Hi Kevin,
2 spaces creates a newline.