Can't figure out development environment, mail address or token for configuration

During configuration of the new viktor-cli:

Exiting because of an error: the provided email address and token are not registered at VIKTOR. Please rerun the 'configure' command with valid credentials

My email address and token are 2 years old, I’m not sure if my development environment should be dev-*** or dev-*** or what…

Hi Kalle, did you try the configure command?

Yes, the configure command is where it breaks:

  • it needs a ‘development environment’, which I am not sure I got right (where can I check this?)
  • it needs my email address + token, which may be outdated?

It did not specify which of the three inputs was incorrect.

I will take a look what’s going on. Will DM you with the result

for others reading this: the development environment is for free users or constructed from your mail adress.

see this item in the docs: Installation | VIKTOR Documentation