App doesn't reload

Often when I change and save some code, the viktor-cli doesn’t reload the app and I’m forced to close the connection and start it again. Some weeks/months ago I didn’t have this problem, is there a way to fix this?

Hi Martijn,

Can you share how you are developing so we can try to reproduce the problem? e.g:

  • Operating system
  • IDE
  • CLI version
  • SDK version
  • Isolation mode

Hi Raoul,

  • Operating system: Windows 10 Enterprise (version 21H2, build 19044.1826, 64-bit)
  • IDE: VS Code version 1.70.1
  • CLI version: version 0.21.0
  • SDK version: version 13.2.1
  • Isolation mode: Docker (version 4.11.1)

Hi Martijn, this has been fixed in the latest CLI: CLI v0.24.1 has been released 🎉

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